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#TEAMGREYSON Collection - 8 Products!

#TEAMGREYSON Collection - 8 Products!
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At Canadian Muscle we strive to provide a variety of product options for our customers, family and friends.

The last thing we wanted to do was limit the options for the #TEAMGREYSON collection. Today, we're proud to launch a total of 8 products in support of Greyson Gray and the "Help for Greyson Gray Campaign". Proceeds from each and every purchase of any #TEAMGREYSON product will go directly to the Gray family.

For those of you that don't already know, Mike "Man of Steel" Gray found a lump on his son Greyson side. The lump turned out to be a tumour, and this past week he had surgery to remove his kidney (and tumour). It has been confirmed that Greyson has Wilm's disease, and now that the tumour has been removed he has a long journey of chemo and radiation ahead of him.

During the time Greyson has been in the hospital, and for the next little while as he goes through his treatments it is unlikely that Mike or Terry Lynn (Greyson's parents) will be able to return to work. Right now they're at the IWK in Halifax, Nova Scotia where the surgery took place - but they're from Fredericton, New Brunswick.

Among travel expenses, there's a lot of other expenses that we all face as general living expenses and having little to no income can make things challenging. The last thing that this family needs is financial stress, as they prepare to help their son battle cancer and kick cancers @$$. So a good friend of the Gray family create a GoFundMe to raise funds as bills and expenses pile up, so that the Gray family can worry less about financial and focus more on getting Greyson better. You can find the official GoFundMe link here:

The donations made through #TEAMGREYSON Products will go to the "Help for Greyson Gray" Campaign linked above. If you have any questions or comments, please reach out via Facebook Message or e-mail:

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