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#TeamGreyson - Help For Greyson Gray

#TeamGreyson - Help For Greyson Gray
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Mike "Man Of Steel" Gray is a staple in the bodybuilding and fitness industry. Being a long time dedicated bodybuilder based out of New Brunswick, he is one of the most humble, kind, honest and helpful people you would ever meet.
Right now, him and his family are going through one of the most difficult times of their lives. Him and his wife Terry Lynn Gray are at the IWK in Halifax, NS with their son Greyson. Greyson had surgery this past Tuesday to remove his kidney which had a tumour on it. During the surgery, they put in a chemo port so he could begin chemo treatment for Wilm's disease after he recovers.
Greyson is one of the toughest young boys you would ever meet, and he's lucky to have Mike and Terry Lynn there with him every step of the way as he goes up for the biggest battle of his life.
While Mike & Terry Lynn are there with Greyson, helping him battle this together as a family, many expenses have and will continue to pile up. From travel to time off work, and anything else you can think of.
A friend of the Gray family set-up an Official GoFundMe Fundraiser to help raise funds for them during this difficult time. You can find it here:
Every donation, thought, prayer, well wishes and positive vibe you can send their way will be greatly appreciated by the Gray family as well as everyone at Canadian Muscle! #WeAreCanadianMuscle #TeamGreyson

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